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Posting of American and Texas Flags

Veterans Day, November 11, 2009

The Anchor Club of La Grange was happy to display their patriotism, especially in these times of war and in specifically this year of an election that proved to be a historical one, by posting the American and Texas flags around the County Courthouse in downtown La Grange on Veterans Day.


Duties for Anchors included transporting the flags from the storage facility to the courthouse grounds, setting them in the underground holders, and then taking them down and back to storage.


While it’s pretty much a straightforward activity, it has to be done BEFORE school and then BEFORE dark in the evening, and hopefully, not in pouring down rain as was the case last year. 

We were fortunate this year . . .the day was filled with sunshine!


  Sterling Behrens, President     

            Anchor Club of La Grange

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