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La Grange Anchor Fundraising


The Anchor Club of La Grange has always depended upon Innisbrook Wrap products as one of its mainstays for raising dollars to benefit their charities of choice, club needs, and convention and council attendance.  This year however, the club decided to utilize only the Helen Grace Gourmet food items division of Innisbrook.   Anchors found exceeding competition in the gift and giftwrap sales within our community.


Anchors began the School Term fundraising efforts in August with the Helen Grace Gourmet Food Items, over 70% of which are made in America.  Cookie dough flavors like Chunky Chocolate Pecan and Snickerdoodles, Potato Skins, Pretzels, Funnelcakes, cheesecakes, and great quality coffees were crowd favorites!


And the annual Ghosts and Gravestones Cemetery Tour in November provided a healthy revenue in spite of having to be rescheduled due to inclement weather.  As usual, it was a great evening of entertainment and history in the La Grange Historic City Cemetery. (Click on “Anchors in the News” for more info on this event). 


Spring Fundraising Projects include a Color Bowl Floral and Plant sale in conjunction with Mother’s Day, a Fajita Scholarship Dinner, and Bake Veggie Sale!


Note:  The information posted on this page was organized by Anchor Advisor, Brenda Rainosek.  All questions about these companies and the individual fundraising events may be directed to her at (979) 968-5692 or