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What it means to be an Anchor Member...

Membership in an Anchor Club allows young people to make a dynamic difference in their world through volunteer service...and have FUN while helping others. Anchors learn valuable skills that prepare them to be good citizens for the rest of their lives. They have opportunities to lead and organize service projects and play active roles in club programs. Anchor members discover the importance of working together---no single member can perform the service that the members accomplish as a team. Often they even work side by side with their sponsoring Pilot Clubs to promote awareness and provide hands on service to people with Brain-Related Disorders.

What does an Anchor Member do...

Anchor Members work with their sponsoring Pilot Club members to fulfill important community projects. Throughout the year you will work on multiple small projects with four to five that have major focus. These community service projects reward Anchors with the benefits of lifelong friendships, personal development opportunities and a valuable since of accomplishment.

Who Joins?

Being an Anchor volunteer has long been a distinct honor because Anchors are viewed as leaders in their schools and communities. Anchor is made up of more than 10,000 members throughout the world, in the United States, Bahamas, Bermuda, and Japan. But they all have one thing in common: they provide great community service while developing valuable leadership skills.

Anchor Benefits...

One of the benefits to being an Anchor member is the numerous award and recognition programs for Anchor Club members sponsored by Pilot International. Pilot International Foundation also sponsors scholarships for qualified Anchors. Anchors have the opportunity to attend District and International Conventions and benefit from the fellowship of Anchors from around the world.
Also they gain valuable: leadership experience, get the opportunity to mentor with school and community leaders, attend conventions and workshops, be involved in an exceptional team, can have creative expression through their projects and fund-raisers, have an opportunity for personal development, gain a sense of fulfillment, receive awards for projects, members, and club advisors, receive scholarships, and the best of all the opportunity to make a meaningful impact upon the lives of others!

4 Good Reasons to Join the Anchor Club of
La Grange, Texas
1. You can build lasting friendships with youth from around the world who share similar interests.

2. You will have fun while improving the quality of life within your community.

3. You are eligible for scholarship and recognition programs.

4. You are a member in an internationally recognized organization.

Anchor Club Creed

Realizing that in unity there is strength, we, as members of the Anchor Club, are Resolved: To work together in friendship and loyalty: to render service in our home, school and  community, knowing this course will take us over a sea of happiness: to steer our ship of life by the bright stars of hope and faith: to follow words of guidance from parents, teachers and Pilot friends, for these, as gleams from the lighthouse of Truth, are words of wisdom; to set full sail through channels of achievement which lead us to the port of success; and When our ship of life is tossed by the tempests of misunderstandings and the angry winds of injustice, we will cast our Anchors of courage, wisdom and trust to hold us fast.

Anchor Membership Pledge

In appreciation of the honor and benefits to be derived by me from membership in the Anchor Club of La Grange, Texas.

I pledge on my honor to uphold the ideals and objectives of the Anchor Club; to work  toward improving myself, my home, my school, and my community. I shall strive to respect  the rights of others and to practice thoughtfulness of and helpfulness to others. I promise to serve my nation and God, and to prepare for useful citizenship.

Anchor Club Song
(Tune of "Anchors Away")

We are the Anchor Club
Serving our school,
Watchful of any need
For service is our guiding rule.

We lend a helping hand;
We take the lead
In worthy service work
And share our friendship in our ev'ry deed.

International Club History

Since Pilot International was chartered in 1921, Pilot Clubs have undertaken service projects involving young people and their needs. In 1952, Pilot adopted the program of sponsoring Anchor Clubs. Anchor Clubs at first were a volunteer service organization of executive, business, and professional leaders. Early Anchor Clubs also were for teenage girls only. However, Anchor Club is now over 50 years old and is made up of more than 10,000 members both boys and girls, and can be found throughout the United States,

Bahamas, Japan and Argentina.  Anchor Clubs take many forms - some are affiliated with schools; some are not. Some are all female; some are coed. Some are large; some are small. Some clubs in the US are in organized Anchor Districts.



Past Presidents of the Anchor Club of La Grange

Ashley Spence, the first president of the La Grange Anchor Club, is pictured with Brenda Rainosek,
the clubs' first and current advisor, at the Charter Event on January 6, 2000.

  Seth Anderle
Holly Zapalac
Colton Brugger
Diane Cernoch
Whitney McNaney
Leslie Sparks
Rachel Quitta
Carisa Nietsche
Morgan Benham
Sterling Behrens
Mitchell Bertsch
The information above was taken, in part, from brochures and information provided,
to local Anchor Clubs by Pilot International Headquarters in Macon, Georgia.