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Club Resources & FAQs

Anchor members are encouraged to search and browse the Texas District of Pilot’s website and the International website for Pilot to get information about Anchor on both the District and International level.


These website addresses are as follows:


For the Texas District:  Texas District Pilot International


For Pilot and Anchor International:  Pilot International


Simply follow the links that direct you to Anchor information.  Both websites can lead you to the following:


  • Names and contact info for Texas District Anchor Officers (Texas District website)


  • Standing Rules and International By-Laws governing the activities and policies of Local Anchor Clubs and the Texas District of Anchor (Texas District website and PI website)


And provide answers to the following FAQs:


  • Where are the Anchor Clubs in Texas?    (Texas District website)


  • What are the benefits of Anchor membership?  (PI website)


  • Where can I find Brainminders project information?   (Texas District and PI website)


  • Where can I find information about entering award competition for District and International?  (Texas District and PI website)