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2010-2011 Anchor Club Officers

In the center of the photo above, Rhonda McKenzie is presenting Kenmar Staffer, Lynn Orise, with the Anchor ticket donation.  The Anchor Leadership Team and two of its newest members who were able to be at the presentation are kneeling left to right, Melanie Ramirez, Amber Schneider, Marlene Ramirez, Victoria Herbrich, Heather Schneider, Brittany Wich, Tori Hutton, Luci Lopez, Kevin Boening, Christa Roensch.  2010-2011 Officers not pictured:  Mitch Bertsch, Caitlin Zarr, Haley Janda, and Holly Barnett.


The Anchor club of La Grange, a community service organization for high school teens, is starting it’s new club year doing what it does best, “making a difference in the quality of life for those in need”.  On Saturday, August 21st, Anchors helped host the first of four afternoons of bowling, in a “Bowling League of Dreams” when mentally and physically challenged adults enjoy an afternoon of bowling, socialization with friends, and great physical exercise.  The costs of bowling and a League T-shirt, as well as hands on help for the participants is provided by the Anchors and their sponsors, the Pilot Club of La Grange.  This past Saturday 50 participants and helpers enjoyed the cool comfort of the Tenth Frame Bowling Lane in Schulenburg to try their bowling skills, don a stylish t-shirt, and cheer each other on, as Anchor and Pilot members assisted.  The Pins and Balls League of Dream Project is funded with a $2,500 grant that the Pilot Club received from the Texas Women’s League of La Grange.


Pictured above are members of the 2010-2011 Leadership Team of Anchor Club as they also make their first charitable donation of the new Anchor year.  Along with the Anchor officers, are a number of group home residents from La Grange, Giddings, and Smithville gathered just outside  Kenmar Residential Community Center, a facility that provides training and educational services for adults who are developmentally challenged or dealing with mental retardation.


A portion of the funds raised by Anchors each year is used to purchase tickets from the two clubs’ Fayette County Fair Queen candidate and are then donated to groups that would enjoy a day at the Fair. This year, $500 in advance passes is being presented to the group home adults who spend their days in training and educational activities at the Kenmar Center.


The Anchor and Pilot Clubs’ Fair Queen Candidate is Rhonda McKenzie, a senior at La Grange High School and a three year member and officer of Anchor Club serving as the Chair for the Anchor’s Briainminders Program.  Rhonda is also active in FCCLA Club(Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) and the Spanish Club at La Grange High School.  She is a local  FCCLA officer and this year is serving as a State Level officer for FCCLA.  Rhonda will be promoting the Fair with her advance ticket sales for the queen’s competition through Wednesday, August 25, 2010 September 1st, and can be reached at (979) 966-8347.


Since Pilot International was chartered in 1921, Pilot clubs have undertaken service projects involving young people and their needs.  In 1952, Pilot adopted the program of sponsoring Anchor Clubs.  Anchor is now 50 years old and is made up of over 10,000 members in the United States, Bahamas, Japan  and Argentina.  The La Grange Anchor Club is community based, coed, offers membership with no GPA requirement for freshmen-sophomore high school teens interested in making a difference in their world through volunteer service and having FUN while helping others and learning valuable skills that prepare them to be good citizens for the rest of their lives.


The Anchor Club of La Grange meets on the 2nd Sunday evening, monthly, 7 pm, at the La Grange Library/Museum Conference room.

Office: Officer Name:  
President & Webmaster Mitchell Bertsch  
President-Elect Christa Roensch  
Vice President Caitlin Zarr
Secretary Brittany Wich  
Treasurer Kevin Boening  
Service Projects Director Victoria Herbrich  
Public Relations Director Heather Schneider  
Fund Raising Director Tori Hutton  
Membership Growth Director Haley Janda  
BrainMinders Presentation Corp Rhonda McKenzie (Chair)  
Marlene Ramirez (Member)  
Holly Barnett (Member)  
Lucila Lopez (Member)  
Advisor Brenda Rainosek  
Advisor Mandi Rainosek  
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