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Care Inn Bingo Fun

The Spring Bingo Afternoon at Care Inn was the first time La Grange Anchors had participated in a service project with the residents of this home. Enough anchors were on hand to be almost "two on one" for the residents, and that was beneficial, as it soon became obvious that these folks were serious bingo players.

Various types of games were played like regular, postage stamp, picture frame, T shape, and of course the last game was "black out". The prize for each game was a quarter to be used at the general store inside Care Inn.

It didn't take long for the anchors who attended to see that these nursing home residents were much like those we visit at Monument Hill Nursing Facility. They were thrilled to just have the conversation and time with "young" people.

Whether you were calling the games, sitting at the tables with residents, or serving refreshments of punch and cookies, after the two hours at Care Inn, Anchors and Advisors left with a warm heart.