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ACS Relay for Life

September 18, 2010


September, 2010 marked the 8th annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life event here in La Grange – and, it was the 8th year that the Anchor Club of La Grange participated in a really “big” way!  The  task that Anchors take on each year, and amazingly do an outstanding and award winning job with, is the setting out of the luminaria on the day of Relay. 


From 10 am in the morning until 8 pm in the evening, Anchors fill bags with sand, set in a candle, and place the labeled bags in alphabetical order around the track at Leopard stadium.  This wouldn’t really be that big of a challenge, EXCEPT that we’re talking 4,500+ luminaria bags!  And, this year, at 3 pm, the rain set in!!  The entire event was transferred to the La Grange High School Gym for the first time ever.

Laps were walked through the halls of the high school and on through the gymnasium.  The club also has the exclusive privilege of presenting the luminarias during a formal lighting ceremony.  Mrs. Rainosek pens the ceremony and arranges for music to enhance the readings, and then with the help of Anchors who serve as presenters, begins the evening of walking with a ceremony rich in words of encouragement and hope for walkers and survivors.  This year’s theme for Relay was “Celebrating More Birthdays!”


It is not unusual for the Anchors participating in this project to clock in excess of 200 participation hours as an organization.  And although the rain forced many changes to the event it was still considered a success with over $15,000 raised from the sale of $5 luminarias alone.  Relay has become a major portion of Anchor community service, and it enjoys a great reputation and is awarded annually for its dedication and commitment to this cause.




Anchors Truly Do Make A Difference

From: Griselda
Sent: Saturday, October 03, 2009 8:22 AM
To: Brenda Rainosek
Subject: from KF about luminarias


Hi, Brenda - thought you would find this interesting, and might want to share with your faithful Anchor Club "luminaria-makers".


One of my hospice patients is a cancer survivor (2X), and I did a luminaria for her; took the bag with contents to her on my next visit after Relay for Life.  Told her about the relay, the comparisons between it and the fight for cancer/treatments, etc.  She was very touched.


The next visit, she called to my attention (often has votives lit, anyway) to a particular candle.  She had cut out the luminaria label, and on it, placed a decorative bowl - into which she had poured the sand, and placed the candle.  Aw!  I got tears!


And so, when Verne returned from his trip to NY (his home church had their 150th anniv), I had placed HIS candle and sand in a bowl, and had it lit, too.  He was thrilled.


So, the lights continue to shine.  Thanks to you, and to all who made the luminarias possible. (smiley face) K

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